Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chicken Piccata and Glazed Lemon Bread

The theme on Tuesday night was lemons. The only thing we were missing were lemon drop martini's!

Ever since I went to BlogHerFood09 I've been checking out blogs from the people I met.

When I checked Elise Bauer's site Simply Recipes on Monday, she had a super yummy looking Glazed Lemon Cake recipe that I knew I had to make. I love her site. It's well written, and well organized, the recipes are homey and sound so delicious. And I know from her talk at the conference she takes great care in writing her recipes.

So my plan was to make dinner and the cake. I just needed to find something that sounded yummy for the chicken breasts that were sadly sitting in the fridge. I saw Chicken Piccata and knew immediately that was what I would make - mainly because I had everything I needed on hand. Plus I love the light lemony sauce with capers.

The chicken recipe was terrific. Easy to make and so yummy. I paired it with white rice and a nice fresh salad. I didn't have any pretty parsley for garnish. And it was still really delish. You can find the recipe here on Elise's site.

Now for dessert. The Glazed Lemon Bread is really more like a cake. And Is it good. I can't wait to have a slice with my coffee in the morning. This is perfect for any day, or to share with friends with a fresh, hot, cup of coffee.

I will tell you, I started smelling the cake so I took a peek in the oven to see how it was doing. Yikes. It was already really brown - and there was still 20 minutes left on the timer. I left it in a few more minutes then pulled it. Checked it with a toothpick. It was done.

After you pull it out of the oven you poke it with holes and pour a glaze which is melted honey, sugar and lemon juice all over it. Holy cow, it smells so good. Sweet, lemony, sugary, buttery...mmmmm.

This one is definitely a keeper for me. Click Glazed Lemon Bread (Cake) for the (printer friendly) recipe from Elise. Oh, forgot to mention, one change I made. She uses whole milk in the batter. I used 1% ('cuz that's all I had) and it worked just fine.

I can't wait to see what other recipes I'm going to find. Yeah!

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  1. Hi Kris, so glad you liked the lemon bread (cake) and the piccata!


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