Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sharpen up your neckajility. huh?

I saw this last year and thought it was hilarious. I swear I watched it five times in a row. I could totally see my brothers doing a stunt like this when they were young.  In fact, I think my brother Bill is the one who forwarded it to me.

My sense of humor leans more towards tasteless, stupid human tricks. Nothing serious. Nothing too political or with much, if any, meaning. It's basic stuff like tripping or crashing into something. And I love pranks and practical jokes. Most of the jokes I see are forwarded from my brother. I don't know where he gets them. But they are usually hilarious.

So here you go. I love a good laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too.

Ya gotta love New Zealanders. Neckagility....that's funny.    

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  1. Oh yes, that is definately your brothers....and yes, it was funny! Actually I can see my sister Kacey and I doing that to Chip......sure can!
    Love you,


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