Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Never give up!

On Saturday afternoon I discovered that I left my wallet and jewelry pouch in the safe in the hotel room in Phoenix. Bum-mer. It would have been nice if I remembered before we left Arizona.  But no.  I discover it in the car on the way home to Mill Valley.

I immediately call the hotel and ask if they can check the safe for me. The woman at the front desk says that the new occupants couldn't get in the safe when they checked in the room, so they called security to open it for them. And that there was nothing there. 

Hmmm. I'm not buying it. I know I left my stuff in the safe.  

I call back and ask to be connected with room 3103.  The operator asks for the guest name. Busted. So I tell her the story and she says that no one has checked in the room.  WHAT?!  Ok, now I'm not happy. I ask to speak to a manager. The manager tells me they checked the safe and nothing was there.  She's sorry. I argue with her about it. And ask if she would please just check. She won't.

I am furious. I don't believe her.

So I call back again and ask to speak to the security manager.  I tell them the story and BEG them to check the safe.  After much arguing, I finally get them to agree to check the safe. They said will call me back in 15-20 minutes.  Great. It was a very long 20 minutes of me tapping my finger on my phone willing it to ring.

I finally get a call back from Kelly, the security manager. And what do you know. MY STUFF WAS IN THE SAFE!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!  

I should receive my wallet and jewelry via FedEx today. Hopefully everything is in tact.

I'm still a little shocked that the front desk lied to me.  And that I had to beg everyone to check the safe for me. I'm sure this sort of thing happens all the time. Why didn't they believe me?

Hopefully it will end well this afternoon.

Moral of the story: never, ever, give up.

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