Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I really think I need one of these.

My friend Wilfred told me I had to check out this website called Enobytes Wine Blog.  He was leading me to it for one thing, then I saw this wine cellar and went crazy.

According to the website, if you store a few dozen bottles for a month, or year, or more - than you need one of these in your home! Yippee! Can't wait to tell Don. We do like to store wine at home. And I have to say, it's not very impressive pulling wine out of the hall closet. 

The wine is all shelved, but since our house is tiny, the only space for long-term storage is the hall closet.  It has a tendency to get covered in snow boots, luggage, bags, golf balls, etc. Which is all part of keeping the wine at just the right temperature. I'm sure of it. (I had to pull the vaccuum out so you could actually see the wine.)

A secret staircase leading to a spiral wine cellar would be awesome! I seriously love stuff like this. How cool would it be to have a glass trap door that winds down to your wine cellar. This is stuff you only see in James Bond movies. 

"Excuse me?  You'd like to try a bottle of blah, blah, blah? Let me just get it from the wine cellar!" Your guests will ooh and aaah.  They won't care if you bring up a bottle of Challis Lane! It will taste like a million bucks to them! 

Don't fret if you're not building a house and want one. They can put one in an existing home. They have an example of the team installing one in someone's garage floor.  Pretty cool.  

I'll just put it on the "Would be so cool to have, but will probably never get." list.

You have to check it out.  

Dude, Where Did You Hide The Wine Cellar?

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