Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yummy cupcakes from Kara

Every month our office celebrates birthday's by hosting a pizza, salad and cupcake lunch. Everyone looks forward to it. We all stand around eating too much pizza and salad, and then we mosey over to the counter where the cupcakes are. 

At first everyone stands there staring at them. They are so beautiful, lined up so perfectly in the box. Almost too pretty to eat.

Then you have to decide which one you're going to choose. Are you in the mood for chocolate, vanilla, coconut or something fruity? The cupcakes are always moist and yummy with the best frosting you've ever tasted. You finally decide.....and then you take a little bite of heaven. aaaah. 

  1. Sweet vanilla - vanilla cupcake with sweet madagascar bourbon vanilla frosting
  2. Chocolate Velvet - chocolate cupcake with a velvety bittersweet chocolate buttercream
  3. Java - chocolate cupcake with a rich espresso buttercream
  4. Banana - banana cupcake with silky soft cream cheese frosting
  5. Sweet Chocolate - chocolate cupcake with a sugary sweet chocolate frosting
I always check to see if there are any left after lunch is over so I can bring one home for Elli. She's a big fan of the Chocolate Velvet cupcake.

Lucky for us, today there were a bunch of cupcakes leftover at the end of the day!  I brought 3 home. One for each of us.  Yum, yum, yum.  

It's a super sweet treat every month. 

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