Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday night movie review.

It's been an exhausting week. No recipes or cooking tonight. It's date night!

Don and I love watching movies. And we love seeing them on the big screen. We don't go to the movies much anymore - unless they are family flicks. So when we do get out we really enjoy it.

Last Friday we had a real (adults only) date - dinner and a movie.  The thought of it sounds so good right now. It's been a long week.

We had dinner at a fantastic new restaurant in Mill Valley called Balboa Cafe. The meal was great. Our two favorite things were the Ahi appetizer and the Blueberry Bread pudding for dessert. It was served with really good vanilla ice cream. It was warm with a bit of crunch on top. Soooooo good. I might have it instead of an entree next time.

After dinner, we saw the movie Sunshine Cleaning. We both enjoyed it. I really like Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.  I loved Amy Adams in Enchanted.  And thought Emily Blunt was terrific as the secretary in Devils Wears Prada.  Anyhow, this movie is funny, sweet, and sentimental. It's all about family and friends and how we stick together no matter what. I give it a thumbs up. It has its heart tugging moments, which of course made me teary eyed. So if you're like me, bring a tissue! (Don gave me the eye roll.  What-ever!)

Click here to see a preview.

Happy date night!

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