Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swordfish Steaks (with Chimichurri sauce)

We have a whole lot of Chimichurri sauce left from the steak.  It will last for a month in the fridge so we'll be using it on all sorts of things (chicken, fish, shrimp, etc.)

We shop for fresh fish at Bryan's Fine Foods (a fish/meat market) in Corte Madera when we want to eat fish.  I'm really picky about my fish.  It has to be really fresh. If it smells fishy - it will taste fishy.  No stinky fish for me! Which is why we go to the special market. We bought some swordfish steaks, marinated them in some of the sauce and grilled them. Wow.  They were delish. Don grilled them for 12 minutes (6 each side.)  They were perfect.  

To serve, pour on some more of the chimichurri sauce and serve with rice and a grilled veggie. We had some leftover mango salsa in the fridge so we topped them with that.  

For those of you that don't like fish (mom) you can marinate a chicken breast and have that instead of fish. But you should give the fish a try.  If you don't over-grill it will be moist and delicious. Dry swordfish is no good.  So don't over-grill it!  (Set your timer.) 

Kids will like it too. Elli loves fish on the grill. She calls it chicken for some reason. Frankly, she can call it whatever she wants as long as she eats it.

Enjoy with a chilled glass of white wine or a margarita on the rocks! 

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