Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ready-made vs. Home-made

Today's dilemma.  I love these fresh spring rolls at Whole Foods so I thought I would check out the recipe to make them.  The recipe isn't that hard.  But is it worth my time, and all the ingredients I'll have to buy, to make them?  Or should I just go to the store, buy six for the family, and be done with it.  

Most people wouldn't even think of making them at home - when you can buy them at the store. But not me.  They're $5 each at Whole Foods.  Can I make six for less than $30?  I think so. And we'll get more than six rolls.  

So maybe I'll have Elli invite a few friends over and we'll have a spring roll party. 

(I just had visions of noodles and shredded carrot everywhere.  So maybe not.  We'll see.)

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