Saturday, January 19, 2019

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Family On Spring Break

Guest post by Stephanie Bates, Military Travel Mama.

Have an Adventure

Just because you're not in college anymore doesn't mean you can't celebrate. Check out these five Spring Break ideas. It’s not too late to plan something for your family this year!

1. Go big and go on an International adventure
Have you always wanted to go to the jungle, desert, white sandy beaches, visit an international city, and amazing national parks? Consider splurging this year and go to Australia! It may be a little hectic traveling so far, but it will be the family vacation you’ll talk about forever. And you will love all their theme parks, too!

2. Shop budget flights to find your next destination
Don’t have the budget for a trip to Australia? That’s ok! Check out last minute flights and travel packages from all major airlines. There are always budget flights available for spur-of-the-moment trips. It may not be anywhere you were planning to go, but then again, you might make a discovery of your new favorite place. Be open-minded and see what you find! Maybe you’ll find yourselves on a beach in the Philippines!

3. Road trip to an amusement park, beach, or shopping area
There are so many fun amusement parks, remote beaches, and great places to shop it’s a fun option for families on a budget. Make a list of 3 fun things that are within a few hours drive from where you live. Then ask your kids and spouse to vote on what they'd like to do. Support the idea with park tickets, spending money for a shopping trip, or great beach treats. Add in a night or two in a hotel and you’ve got a super fun trip.

4. Plan a staycation and have some fun family time
Sometimes relaxing at home is what you need. Your youngsters may not always want to take a trip. Check out some local entertainment and activities in your own backyard. Play tourist in your town for the weekend! You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have. Especially if it involves a trip to a local candy store.

5. Ideas for “too cool” teenagers
Teenagers never want parents around or to be involved in their plans, but they might feel differently if you sprung to cover the cost of their activities! Work with a few other parents to pool funds to pay for bowling night, movies, dinner out, or tickets to an amusement park. They may act too cool. But they’ll appreciate the gesture and will have a ton of fun, even if they don’t show it.

Choose What Works for You

Whether you travel out of the country, just stay home, plan some teen activities, take a road trip, or seek out family entertainment at amusement parks, beaches, or elsewhere, there is ample opportunity for a spring break adventure this year on any budget! Think outside the box and try something new!

About the Author

Stephanie Bates is a travel and food blogger, wife, and mother of two great kids. She's got great tips on traveling, food, parenthood and all things related to life in the military. Check out her site Military Travel Mama.

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