Friday, January 1, 2016

I may be losing my mind

A funny thing happened at lunch yesterday.

There was hardly anyone in the office so I decided to take a leisurely lunch to kill a little time instead of eating at my desk like I usually do.

I walked over to Fog City Diner which is just a few blocks away. It has a nice bar area for us singles to eat at, and lots of people watching out the window.

They had a special lunch menu called the "Neighborhood Lunch" where you could choose a cup of potato soup or small Caesar salad and then either a albacore cheddar melt, sesame chicken salad or Southern fried chicken sandwich.

It seemed like a lot of food for lunch. But then I knew we'd be eating dinner late on New Year's Eve. And that potato soup sounded so good. So I ordered it. What the heck. I was going with the soup and the chicken sandwich. I'm by myself. Who would know except me and my ever growing waistline? And then I thought, "Oh, I'll just eat half the sandwich. It will make good leftovers." And that was that. Lunch was ordered.

I felt guilty ordering it the second the server walked away.

I shouldn't have ordered the soup. Too fattening.

I should have ordered the salad. What was I thinking? What is wrong with me?

I know what I was thinking. I was thinking how yummy that soup would be and the fried chicken would be juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Perfect on a cold winter's day.

I sat there drinking my iced tea, looking at the people outside, and felt really guilty.

What has happened to my will power? I used to be so strong. I could say no to the bread, fried chicken and yummy potato soup. It's like my brain is rebelling.

My brain and waistband are at odds with each other.

I should have ordered the salad.

And then the server appeared with the cutest little cup of soup. It had a delicious drizzle of olive oil on it and crispy little pieces of bacon. 

And then he set down a salad.

The sesame chicken salad.

I looked around suspiciously.

I looked at the salad.

I looked at the server.

I know I said fried chicken sandwich.

"Everything ok??" he said



How did that happen?

I am positive I said "Fried Chicken Sandwich" out loud. I know I did. Because the moment It rolled off my lips the guilt set in and I wondered if anyone heard me order it.

I didn't say a word. I just took the soup and salad as if I had ordered it.

It's like he could read my mind.

Or am I losing my mind? 

Did I order the salad?

We'll never know.

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