Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mug Swap 2011

I was reading Twitter one day and a tweet caught my eye. It was something about bloggers swapping coffee mugs. For some reason this sounded fun to me so I clicked on the link to find out more about it.

Liz from a belle, a bean & a chicago dog was gathering bloggers to do a coffee mug gift exchange. She would send each of us a name and address and we would send that blogger a mug that represents our blog.

My immediate thought was FUN! Sign me up for that! Which is totally weird because Don and I got rid of all the miscellaneous coffee mugs years ago when we bought new dishes.

I guess I just liked the idea of being part of a group. And this sounded like a fun, inexpensive and creative way to spread bloggy love. And I do drink coffee.

Tori from Kindergartenstolemyzen got my name. She was a super ninja blogger. I received my mug immediately. As in we got our names and two days later I got my mug. Holy schnikes. The pressure was on.

I love it!
I got Erika from and A Texas girl. Cool!

I was a major stress case designing my mug. My current header is a picture of pasta. No one wants pasta on a mug, so I designed it with an image of white chocolate chip cookies. I just couldn't see someone staring at a plate of pasta at 6am. I didn't want her to get it and think, ewwww. Pasta at 6am? What a loser. This mug will be in the next Salvation Army bag.

Here's the design I ended up with. I hope she likes it.

We used Zazzle to make the mugs. They did a great job. They were fast and the price was pretty reasonable. Plus we had coupons.

My next Zazzle purchase will be a new phone cover. I'm sure I'll get the next iphone one of these days. And when I do I am totally designing my own case. Seriously, how cute are these covers?

Back to mugs. You can see all the mugs from MUG SWAP 2011 here. I'll definitely be back next year. I think this is the beginning of a new mug collection.


  1. I love quirky mugs! Picking out my mug in the morning is definitely a mood setting choice. Lately I've been drinking from my Snoopy mug. I think it means that I don't want to grow up. I say go back to collecting's like drinking a cup of good memories :-)

  2. Btw, I love your bloggy mug! I want one!!!!

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  4. I really love Tori's blog name! And your mug with the cookies??? I think it might almost be disappointing when I didn't have any to enjoy.

    So funny you showed the iPhone case...after the muggings, I ordered one!

  5. Liz, I want a new iphone so I can design my own case!


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