Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer chicken salad

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That's the best thing about email.

Sharing pictures of first born children
and new puppies,
new houses,
good news,
bad news,
new jobs,
lost jobs,
lost jackets,
wine tips,
shoe sales,
party invites,
thank you notes,
dinner invitations,
and recipes.

Like this one for chicken salad. I know my mom and sister will love this recipe. So I can just drop it in an email and {poof} it's all theirs.


No time zones to worry about. No postage necessary. Just a few clicks, a little typing and it's done.

Summer Chicken Salad

Summer Chicken Salad 
adapted from Whole Foods recipe 

1 cup low-fat mayo
4 t. cider vinegar (4 capfuls)
5 t. honey (5 slow swirls around the bowl)
2 t. poppy seeds
freshly ground pepper and salt.

1 roast chicken from the store (let them do the work!)
3/4 cup pecan pieces toasted
2 cups red grapes sliced
1 stalk celery finely diced

1. Remove meat and skin from roast chicken. Dice meat into bite sized pieces. Put in a large mixing bowl. (You can just use the chicken breasts if you don't like dark meat. I like to use the whole chicken. You may need more dressing if it's a big chicken.)
2. Mix dressing in a small bowl. Combine mayo, vinegar, honey and poppy seeds. Set aside.
3. Add dressing to chicken and combine.
4. Add pecans, grapes and celery. Taste. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Refrigerate in a sealed container up to three days.
6. Serve on yummy fresh bread, as a salad on lettuce, or eat it right out of the container.

That's what I like to do.

And don't forget to share it!

You could decide you want to share it the old fashioned way, as shown here. You gotta give these ladies credit for creativity. They could have sat down and looked at the pics over a cup of tea. But that would have meant someone had to walk down and up stairs.

Too bad they didn't have email.

Blogs and websites are so savvy you can just click the little M button or Envelope button you see below and email this to anyone you want. It's like magic.


  1. this sounds like a delicious recipe for this weekend kris! thanks for sharing!

  2. Dad and I just had it for dinner on a bed of romaine and spinach was yummy.....we had a few more grapes on the side.
    Thanks........It was nice to have ready after seeing "The Bridesmaids" this afternoon.

  3. Yay, glad you liked it. How was the movie??


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