Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes, I'm a foodie.

I recently met someone that said food didn't really matter to them. I have no idea what she said after that because all I could think was "I'm not sure we can be friends. You don't care about food."

I'm kidding. That would make me crazy. But I was shocked she said it. Because I think about food 24-7. I wonder what she thinks about? And I wonder if she's ever had an amazing meal that she's thought about for days.

I can think of so many delicious things I've eaten. I can practically taste the pistachio souffle from Aqua restaurant in Westport, and the Thai food we used to get at Taipan. If I shut my eyes I can smell and taste it.

And bakeries. Oh I love the smell of fresh baked breads and pastries. Not donut store kind of bakeries. I'm talking the stuff you find at La Boulange, a local french bakery. I can smell the butter and sugar right now.

I would love to be a food tester. I have a lot of opinions. I can't really prepare food like a chef. But I can definitely give you my opinion about spices, texture, temperature, how ingredients work together and whether I think it's good or not.

It would be awesome to be a judge on Iron Chef. Unless of course the secret ingredient was something totally disgusting like goat brains. Or raisins. I would kind of freak out if it was something that fell in my nasty category - bugs, weird animal parts and stinky fish are the main no-no's.

Maybe being a judge on the cupcake show would be a better place to start.

But I'm sure I'm not alone there.

Now I just need someone to invite me. I'm available.

What about you? Are you a freak about food like me, or can you take it or leave it.

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