Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving in my Chevy with my floral sheets.

I think it has the makings of a great Country song.

....Rolling down the highway in my Chevy truck
Got my tools and my mattress in the back......

hee hee

The other day we were driving down the road from SF to Napa and this pickup truck pulled out in front of us. Something about the truck caught my eye. Like the big HONKIN mattress in the back!!!

It had a bunch of junk in the bed of the truck and a mattress. A huge mattress. With the sheets still in tact, blowing in the wind!

WHAT?  The mattress still had the mattress pad and the floral fitted sheet and the pink top sheet on it. Holy schnikes, They ripped this bed right out of the room just as it was. The sheets were blowing in the wind!! I bet the poor person that was laying in it is still shaking their head wondering what the heck happened. They seriously drew the short straw on this one. 'Cuz not only did they get the bed ripped right out from under them, the next time they climb in bed there will be dead bugs all over the sheets.

I guess it will have that nice, fresh, air-blown scent when it gets to its final destination. So that's positive I suppose.

Moving day in the Chevy.
Tools?  Check.
Mattress. Check.
Floral Sheets. Check.

Now, I don't like putting sheets on the bed either. But this is taking it a little far, don't you think?

Sorry. This is just funny to me. The more I look at it, the more I laugh.

Last weekend was the first weekend of the month. Hope those of you that moved had a good weekend. And that there aren't too many bugs in your bed. Do me one favor though, please, next time pack the sheets before you load the mattress in the Chevy. 'Cuz it's making me itch just thinking about it.

PS. Don was driving. I was the bored passenger taking pictures of Chevy's and cows while Elli was drooling (I mean sleeping) in the back.


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