Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Smitten

My new favorite blog is Smitten Kitchen.

The woman that writes the blog lives in NYC, she cooks in a teeny tiny kitchen, has a great writing style, and loves cooking and baking yummy stuff. And she has the coolest food photography I've seen from a non-professional. I want to make everything she talks about. If she can do all this in her teeny kitchen. Then I can do it in mine. I just lost my excuse.

She is a top food blogger.  She doesn't need any press. But how else do you find out about this stuff? There is so much on the WWW that I need people guiding me or I would just read the same thing over and over. She has received awards and accolades for her blog. And rightly so.  It's cool. If you're into food you have to give it a look-see. 

Check out her marshmallow recipe. Then tell me it doesn't make you want to make home-made marshmallows. Or check out these yummy, super easy cheese straws.  I think they are a must have at our next cocktail party. And then there is Thursday's post.  Strawberries and dumplings. Mmm, mm,mm, mm, mmm.

I wish I could cook this way and take food photographs this good. It's not easy. She gives some tips for taking good food shots on her site. I'm going to give it a try the next time I cook something that looks decent!

Happy cooking!

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